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  15 banks obtain QDII license board

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  Chinanews, Beijing, Oct. 13 – Bank of Beijing announced on Wednesday that it had obtained the board as a Domestic Investing Institution (QDII), which enables it to launch money management services for its depositors in the overseas market. BOB has thus become the 15th bank in China, or the first city bank, that can offer money management services in the overseas market.

  At present, BOB is preparing to apply to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange for the investment . It has also started to do related preparation work for the launch of money management service products in future.

  Recently, Chinese government has speeded up the process for issuing QDII license board for banks. So far, 10 domestic banks, 5 foreign banks and 1 fund management firm have obtained the QDII license board, their investment quota totaling 11.1 billion US dollars.


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  Chinese shoemakers stand side by side with int'l giants

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  Chinanews, Beijing, Oct. 13 – From competition to cooperation, the relationship of Chinese shoe industry to world giants has changed over years.

  Italy and Spain, which once had fierce trade disputes with Chinese shoemakers, have organized their national to attend the 3rd China International Shoe Industry Expo, which is now being held in Beijing. The exposition covers a total area of 5,000 square meters, nearly half of them occupied by international brands. Famous international shoemakers from Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Japan have also sent their delegations to participate in the exposition.

  Italy is traditionally regarded as a big shoemaker in the global market. A member from the Italian said that Chinese customers’ willingness to follow fashion and their pursuit for good quality would create great opportunities for the Italian shoe industry. Italy is the biggest leather product exporter to China in Europe and the Italian Foreign Trade Commission has organized several delegations to attend the Beijing international shoe exposition, which, according to that member, demonstrate their willingness to cooperate with China on a long-term basis. Meanwhile, Spain and Portugal have also organized national delegations to attend the exposition.

  Deputy Director of the China International Shoe Industry Exposition Tan'an said as China held more communication and exchanges with international shoemakers, foreign businesspeople realized that China would bring a lot of business opportunities to them. Development of the world economy requires communication and cooperation. As a big country in both shoe making and consumption, no one should neglect the big consumption market in China, nor should they pay no Chinese shoemakers’ manufacturing .


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